November E-Bulletin

President's Message:

Greetings Members,

Its time! I heard my first Holiday music this week when I took my mom shopping. I love Fall where I live but Winter at the beach is not much fun.  Fortunately, it is short lived.  But now this music has made me think about dragging decorations out of the attic and shopping for gifts.  It also keeps reminding me that my time as your President is ticking down and our very capable Vice President, Robin Brogdon, will soon take over.  It also means it is time for our members to make some important decisions. 

Our nominating committee has done a wonderful job gathering members willing and ready to devote their time and expertise as volunteers on our Board of Directors.  This ballot will fill openings for Vice President (who then becomes President the following year), Treasurer and Director.  The board approved the ballot this week and our hope is to get this out to our membership before Thanksgiving.  We want to give our new board members sufficient time to make travel arrangements so they can join us on Feb 16th for our in-person Board meeting at the VetPartners Annual meeting in Las Vegas.

Please be on the watch for this ballot and VOTE.  It is important to have the voice of ALL our members in this decision.

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Upcoming Events

Save the date for the 2023 Annual Meeting!

The VetPartners 2023 Annual  Meeting will take place at the Luxor Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, February 16-18, 2023.

VetPartners Members are Giving Presentations

  • Bruce Truman will be moderating 2 panels for the upcoming December Petcare Innovation Summit in Boston. The panels are:1) At-Home and In-Clinic Diagnostic Technologies Trends and 2) Improving the Adoption of New Technology in the Vet Practice.
  • John Volk, senior consultant with Brakke Consulting, will be delivering a Spark Talk for the Cornell Center for Business and Entrepreneurship on Nov. 1.  The topic is “How Practice Consolidation is Change Veterinary Medicine.”  He will also be speaking on practice consolidation for the Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) on Nov. 10.
  • Wendy Hauser, DVM will be presenting “Are You Crispy? It’s Not Your Fault! The Myth Behind Burnout” as a December DVM Masterclass for the Washington State VMA. This presentation is sponsored by Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group™, providers of the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program.
  • Edward Branam will be the guest on the Dr. Andy Roark Podcast November 4 discussing his article published in the October/November 2022 edition of Today’s Veterinary Business titled “The Second Victims”.  The article focuses on the psychological and often associated physical health impact of an adverse patient medical event on the attending veterinarian and overall hospital team.
  • Cyndie Courtney, DVM (of The Jerk Researcher®) presented How to Write a Client Code of Conduct and Improvement Plans for Toxic Team Members at the Wild West Vet Show in Reno, NV on Oct 12th.


    • Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group has partnered with Stacy Pursell to provide two educational opportunities for veterinary professionals:
    • Earn 1 Hour of RACE-Approved CE Credit: “Standing Out from the Crowd.” It is  available as a free program on the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance Programs’ Veterinary Resource Library 
    • Why Your New Hires are Failing” Article by Stacy Pursell. This is also available as a free download on the ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance Program’s Veterinary Resource Library

      Member Publications

        • Lauren Forsythe's article: “Safeguarding Controlled Substances in the Practice” was published in the November/December issue of Today’s Veterinary Practice (TVP).
        • Stacy Pursell, a featured columnist in The Fountain Report, penned two columns for the publication for November
        1. What You Can Learn from Tom Brady to Grow Your Veterinary Career
        2. Concrete Ways the Veterinarian Shortage is Affecting Employers’ Efforts to Hire
        • Debbie Boone has an article in November’s Issue of Veterinary Practice News titled “Is Your Online Pharmacy Working for You?”