October E-Bulletin

President's Message:

Greetings VetPartners members and Happy Fall! 

 As I write this the cleanup and recovery from Hurricane Ian are still happening in my small beach town and to a much greater degree in the areas of Florida which were hit much harder. I know several of our members live in or near these areas.  I do hope that if there is a way for VetPartners to support you that you will please reach out. I can’t help thinking about all the people who lost their homes but I also think of the animals who escaped those homes into 150 mph winds when Ian hit.  So very sad.

I attended the Veterinary Innovation Summit just prior to our MidYear meeting and agree with many attendees I spoke with after.  There was a lot of light shined on the problems in the profession but also a lot of finger pointing that was decidedly unhelpful.  VetPartners on the other hand was a space where problems were discussed but energy was placed on solving them together.  The best remark was from our Student Board Liaison, Sam Schopler who said,” VIS took my energy down but this meeting brought it UP!”.  This association is a group that solves problems and doesn’t sit and wring their hands waiting for someone else to wave a magic wand.  Like Sam, I left energized to do more to “work the problem” from my angle and with confidence that others are doing the same from their area of expertise.  This gives me hope.

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Upcoming Events

Save the date for the 2023 Annual Meeting!

The VetPartners 2023 Annual  Meeting will take place at the Luxor Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, February 16-17, 2023

A Message from the Ethics Committee

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

VetPartners Members are Giving Presentations

  • Wendy Hauser, DVM, Peak Veterinary Consulting will be presenting two sessions during the Vet Vine Summit on Arthritis in Dogs and Cats, a six session event for both veterinary teams and pet owners. She will present “The Cost of Care: The Veterinarian-Pet Owner Partnership” and “Strategies to Help Clients Accept Treatment Recommendations”. ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance is a sponsor of the Summit.
  • Lauren Forsythe will be speaking as part of the Keynote Panel on Antimicrobial Stewardship at the Three Rivers Veterinary Conference in Pittsburgh, PA November 12-13. She will be presenting sessions on controlled substances, compounding, and medication counseling during the conference.
  • John Volk spoke at the 7th International Veterinary Social Work Summit virtual conference, Oct. 14-16.  John moderated an expert panel on the impact of veterinary practice consolidation at a new Access to Care Conference hosted by ASPCA in Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 17-19.


  • Wendy Hauser, DVM was selected to serve on the AVMA Veterinary Economic Strategy Committee (VESC)

Member Publications

  • Wendy Hauser, DVM, Peak Veterinary Consulting had two recent articles published in Today’s Veterinary Business: “Stay in Bounds” and “How to Explain the Value and Cost of Proactive Care”
  • Sarah Rumple authored the cover story of the October/November issue of Today's Veterinary Business. The article, "Open for Business," reveals the benefits of transparency and involving pet owners throughout the entire veterinary visit.
  • Sarah Rumple authored a second article—"Diagnosis: Cancer"—in the October/November issue of Today's Veterinary Business. The article is a first-person account of Sarah's dog's cancer diagnosis, and provides communication tips for veterinary practitioners.
  • John Volk, senior consultant at Brakke Consulting, authored a chapter on veterinarian wellbeing and mental health in a new book published Oct. 3, Comprehensive Guide to Interdisciplinary Veterinary Social Work.  John also presented a paper at the Third National Summit on Promoting Wellbeing and Resilience in Healthcare Professionals held Sept. 28-29 in Columbus, OH, and sponsored by Ohio State University.  
  • Dr. Caitlin DeWilde published her first book entitled "Social Media & Marketing for Veterinary Professionals"
    • The book is now available on Amazon. The book was completed with the help of many VetPartners members! View more information on Dr. DeWilde's website here 

    Welcome our Newest Members!

    • Marcus Ricciani
    • Luke Strode
    • Jennifer Hawkins