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March E-Bulletin


Greetings VetPartners Members!

March blew in like a lion with a multitude of our members taking wings and flying to WVC in Las Vegas.  It looks like they also found several ways to connect. Thanks to our Membership committee, an informal gathering was held Monday night at Hazel’s. Reports from attendees said about 25 members came and all enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow Vet Partner members. From the pictures it looks like those in attendance had a blast. I also saw more than a member or two taking advantage of the cocktail hour hosted by Mary Mongioi and her company. 

As always, many VetPartners members were headliners on the presentation docket. Mary Berg gave 4 dental talks on the technician track and partnered with Linda Markland for a presentation on technician utilization.  Addie Reinhard spoke on Career Wellbeing, Craig Spinks gave lectures on creating great videos, Gary Ackerman and Trey Cutler shared knowledge of practice transitions, Robin Brogdon argued against TikTok and helped learners navigate bad reviews, Mira Johnson and Jimmy Bell talked about Profit and Theft prevention.  Congratulations to members Monica Dixon Perry who was the VMX 2022 Practice Management Speaker of the Year, and to Peter Weinstein won the same award for 2021. Stacee Santi received the Practice Management Speaker of the Year for WVC for 2021. WOW! What a knowledgeable group we hang out with!


If I missed anyone I apologize. I know there were many others. I didn’t attend WVC and got this info from our Slack Channel where our members shared their presentations and booth numbers with each other prior to the event.

Remember that SLACK is a great way to let fellow members know what cool things you are doing so they can celebrate and support you.  If you are not a member of the Slack channel here is an invitation link 

The CareCredit booth was busy as member Amanda Donnelly visited to sign copies of her new book. 

Nationwide has two big events to brag about. Jules Benson and Emily Tincher presented their new data on Diversity of Risk in Purebred Dogs  and Linda Markland, RVT was voted to the board of directors of Viticus Group.  Congratulations Linda!

We held our first All Chair meeting and will now be better able to move forward with smoother collaboration among all our committee and SIG projects. Cross-pollination will help us bloom and thrive.

If you have an idea for a white paper, a webinar or any project that VetPartners can produce to help solve some of the problems of the profession, please reach out.  We have delivered great tools in the past such as the No-Lo Practice Report, Practice Management Essentials, Valuation Essentials, the Fraud Checklist and the Mentorship toolkit (currently being updated). Do you know we even have a Practice Management Resource Library on our website you can share with your clients?  It is time to produce our “next great thing” so let’s put our thinking caps on!  

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Our Midyear meeting will be held in Portland, OR Sept 29-30This meeting is right after the Veterinary Innovation Summit in the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront.  We have negotiated the same room rate of $179 per night as VIS. When booking your room please book under VetPartners as we must meet our room guarantee or pay a penalty.