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February E-Bulletin


    Hello VetPartners members! It has been a busy month for our association thanks to YOU! 

    First of all, I want to thank all of you who have offered words of encouragement and congratulations to me. Your support means so much.  Secondly, thank the many of you who have called or emailed with ideas. GREAT IDEAS! I am soaking in all this information and sharing it with the board and our administrator, Meagan. I also appreciate the problems you have shared because this helps us get them fixed.  Feel free to reach out to Meagan too.  Her email is Since she now has had some time to get up to speed on our association, I have found her to be quick to respond and very efficient in getting problems solved. Don’t forget we now have a TEAM behind us at Capitol Hill so we can utilize them for help.

    One of our goals is always to spread the word about how great this association is to potential new members, but also to the people who need our services. To that end we have a new “one pager that we will be able to share. Thank you Communication Committee for this good work.  It will live on our website as a member resource. You will be able to download it and send it out to anyone who wants to know about VetPartners” in a nutshell”. We are always interested in bringing in new members and new sponsors so please share.  In addition, we will be working on a yearlong marketing calendar to better target our audiences.

    LinkedIn continues to be our biggest social media audience with 14,715 Followers. If you are not following us, please do, and comment on the content.  This helps us (and you) gain visibility. We have two Facebook pages, one for the public and the other for member networking. Since we also want to appeal to a younger audience we will soon launch an Instagram account. As all our marketing experts will tell you, interaction helps boost visibility so please post your news to our Networking page and like and share content from the LinkedIn and public facing Facebook pages. You can also “Tag” people who you think may find the content valuable. If you can spend 3 -5 minutes every few days interacting with our pages it would make a vast difference in our reach.

    Membership has been busy organizing an informal “hang out” for all members attending WVC. The cost of a formal event was prohibitive but we figured putting out the word to show up at Hazel’s at 5:30 on Monday March 7th would work just as well. So, I hope you will plan to spend some time together.  Also, take some pictures and share them on our social pages or with our Communications committee.

    Tech SIG has been their usual creative self and are launching monthly Zoom SOCIAL events for all members who want to come for networking and great conversations in break out rooms. Also, be on the lookout for some educational webinars coming in March. 

    WE NEED YOUR STORIES! I know from personal experience how our members refer and collaborate together, but people outside our organization don’t know how making connections within VetPartners can help them grow their business. We need your stories to share on our social media platforms. Meagan has offered to write the stories if you will simply email or call her and recite them. Here is a personal example to get us started:  I was working with a partnership and discovered some serious problems I felt needed a legal mind. I convinced the partners to go to mediation with Debra Vey-Voda Hamilton. Debra worked with them and found these people were incompatible and needed to find an exit out of their partnership. I had felt this, but having Debra confirm it helped me be more confident in guiding the next moves for this practice. Now YOUR TURN…

    As President I plan to be very transparent about what is happening in our association. It is important that members are informed and involved in the mission and goals of VetPartners and I want to constantly get your ideas, issues and feedback. You will hear from me a lot through Slack so make sure you have the app and are signed up. Here is a tutorial link. If you need additional help with Slack reach out to me or Meagan and we will walk you through it. For members who use Slack, you know how helpful it is. For members not yet familiar with Slack, this tool will keep all the conversations flowing in an easily read “thread” rather than using emails which are interspersed between all your other emails. We will be using the Free version since the Pro version would cost us over $2000 per year. We will use Pro for the Board of Directors where at $6.67 per person per year it is affordable. The difference is only how long the messages stay on the Slack app. The free version keeps only 10K before the oldest are delete. Pro keeps them forever. For members who have high security with your companies please “safe list” the Slack messages to make sure you are in the loop.

    Cohesiveness is always a challenge in a volunteer organization so to help our committees and SIGS share a common purpose and cross-pollinate their initiatives and projects we have created a group of All Chairs. They will meet monthly to discuss their group’s work and collaborate on how to reach our strategic goals. This idea came from Kelly Baltzell and it was brilliant! I can’t wait to see what good stuff comes from this.

    As always, much appreciation to our Premier sponsors CareCredit and Nationwide. Please make a point to thank their representatives personally and to share their company’s information with your clients when appropriate. We appreciate all our sponsors and wish to support them as well as they support us. If you know a company that would like to sponsor our association please connect them with our Opportunities Committee and they will be happy to present our levels and packages.

    For those of you attending, enjoy WVC. I hope it is productive and successful. 

    Keep those ideas and feedback coming!



    Attention all members attending WVC!

    On Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 4:00pm EST members will have the opportunity to join Shadi Ireifej DVM DACVS, Owner and Chief Medical Officer of VetTriage, for a members only webinar session. Shadi's presentation will discuss the benefits and cautions of CSR remote work along with the pros and cons of Telemed use in brick and mortar. This webinar is free to attend and the link to register is below. We hope to see you there! 

    Register Now


    If you are going to WVC, and are registered as an attendee, don’t forget to vote. All registered attendees may vote for this position. Our own Heather Prendergast is running for President. She is the first Veterinary Technician to run for this position. Also, Linda Markland is running for the technician position on the board. Only attendees registered as technicians can vote for this position. If you know any technicians attending, please remind them to vote.

    VetPartners Members who are Presenting at WVC:

    • Jimmy Bell and Mira Johnson
    • Andrea Crabtree
    • Mark McGaunn and Jenni George
    VetPartners Sponsors who are Presenting at WVC:
    • Dr. Jules Benson, Nationwide Chief Veterinary Officer
    • Dr. Emily M. Tincher, Nationwide Director of Veterinary Relations
    • Dr. Peter Weinstein, Nationwide
    • Dr. Phillip Nelson, Nationwide

    Amanda Donnelly published a book. The title is Leading and Managing Veterinary Teams.

    The Pragmatic Professor is going international! Heather L Kvitko-White, DVM, DACVIM will present, “A Role for Pragmatic Medicine” as the first presentation of the 4th International Congress of the Brazil Association of Veterinary Endocrinology, as well as at this year's ACVIM Forum scheduled June 22-25 in Austin, Texas

    Clint Latham will be speaking at the Practice Growth Webinar for VMAE on April 22nd at 2:30pm ET. The title of the presentation will be. “The Current stat of cyber security in veterinary medicine” 

    The Lucca Data Vault is live

    •  We’ve been working really hard to create a centralized location of all the technology tools available to veterinary hospitals.
    • We want a place that other vet professionals can leave real world reviews of the tools they use, completely free of charge. To help other hospitals make more informed decisions before making a purchase
    • We are also review the solutions that are available and their development standards and data privacy standards. And we want to make sure that companies that are going above and beyond are recognized as being good shepherds of the hospitals data.
    • We are still working on adding more features and data and just released version 1. It is completely free for everyone to use.


    Mary E. Mongioia Partner and Chair of the firm’s Veterinary practice group, is one of the 119 exemplary women included in Crain’s New York Business’ 2022 Notable Women in Law list of honorees.

    The 2022 honorees were chosen not only for their skills and accomplishments in the courtroom, but for their leadership outside of it. In addition to their tireless dedication to their clients, the Crain’s New York Business Notable Women in Law honorees were selected for their outstanding professional achievements and pro bono work or involvement in industry and community organizations.


    The Ethics Committee has openings! If you are interested and are a member in good standing for the last two years, please contact the committee chair, Andrea Crabtree at 

    We are interested in members from any background; you are not required to be an attorney for service. Diversity in the background provides many perspectives.

    “Shelving hard decisions is the least ethical course.”

    • Sir George Adrian Cadbury


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